Web Link

Fast Charge Web Link is a secure online shopping cart processing system that allows Internet-based businesses to quickly and easily add "Buy It" links to their web site. There are no worries about the complicated software, hardware and expertise normally associated with enabling e-commerce.

Fast Charge Web Link displays a customizable shopping cart check-out page hosted on a Fast Charge secure server for the customer to fill out.

The customer's information is encrypted using 40- or 128-bit Secure Socket Layer technology and sent to Fast Charge transaction servers. The servers send the data through the authorization network to the appropriate card issuer's bank, using a secure, proprietary connection.

When the authorization process is complete -- this takes around five seconds -- the customer receives an approval or decline response and the servers store the transaction.

Merchants can check the status of transactions or run reports on past activity by logging into the Online Merchant Center web site. Online businesses also can use the Virtual Terminal to enter payment information manually if customers prefer to call in their credit card information.

Linking a merchant's Web site to the Fast Charge Web Link system is simple. The merchant's Web site designer or developer simply inserts a few lines of HTML code (which can be generated using the Web Link Wizard) onto the transaction page.

To view a demo of the Web Link service, refer to our Demos and Sample Code page and click on the Sample Web Link Hosted Shopping Cart link.

How do I get started?

For detailed information about using Web Link, download the Web Link Guide.

Note: If you have more than a few items in your product catalog, and/or are looking for a full-featured online store and shopping cart service, we strongly recommend you consider our Web Cart service.